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The best method to pass the time is almost always to play video games like online ludo game, fantasy games, e.t.c. Online gaming with distant players is a popular activity for individuals all over the world in this digital age. Mobile users are quite happy to be able to play their favorite board games whenever and wherever they want on their smartphones.

The best choice an entrepreneur can make is to invest in the development of real-time, strategic video games, which will never go out of style.

 Online Ludo game

What is Ludo?

A board game of strategy called Ludo can be played by two to four players. Players use a single rolling dice to complete a race with four tokens in Ludo. A strategy race game and a strategy dice game are both variations of ludo. Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow are the four colors of the Ludo game board. Each participant chooses a unique hue.

After being released as a mobile app, Ludo was regarded as one of the top board games and was frequently played by individuals in their leisure time. It is not necessary to explain what the ludo name means. Children used to play this game with boards and dice earlier in the 1990s. 



What Draws People to the Ludo Game?

You must first understand the qualities that make a ludo game played for real money so addicting if you're interested in creating a mobile ludo app. When a user has the chance to play with their friends and family and succeed, your game continues to be popular with them.

There are three inbuilt features that come with the Ludo Game app:

1. Play with Computer / Offline mode

Here, the user can use a computer to play the game. The user can play real-time tournaments by using this function to hone his gaming abilities.

2. Play with Friend

With his chosen friend, the user can play a game here. To play, users simply need to create a private room and communicate the room code to their friends, rivals, or competitors. Five players at most can enter the room. To begin the game, they can select the table amount. Users can play both with and without using real money thanks to this functionality.

3. Play Worldwide with Multiplayer Mode

The user can join players from across the world in this tournament. He can select himself as a player at any skill level, from novice to expert, to determine the game's difficulty. Although you cannot pick your opponents in the multiplayer mode, it offers a significant winning rate and a global ranking.

Real Money Ludo Game: Revenue Model Management

The first thought that comes to mind when any game is made using real money is how it will generate income. We think it's important to offer our clients a variety of options so they may select the one that will help them get the most out of everything.

In the Admin Panel, we provide some below selective options to decide from;

1. Fixed Percentage Model

The administrator or owner of the game app has the option to set a fixed percentage for each game that is played and afterward change it in accordance with preferences. The client can produce a return on his investment in this method.

2. Refer and Earn Model

The owner and user both benefit from the refer-and-earn model because it encourages more players to join the board by having users refer other players to the game. The admin can customize this marketing model to fit their specific marketing strategy. Additionally, the administrator can start/pause this activity based on how they manage their user base and server traffic.

3. Memory Management

In order for the administrator to reduce server billing, we are streamlining the code to prevent pointless server requests. The game is playable on all Android devices because our programming is reliable on the application side.

Features of Ludo Game

In addition to the aforementioned, the Ludo app we created will continue to offer the following features;

ludo game features

Game Play Features

  • Sign up or Log In

  • Gameplay in Online or Offline Mode

  • Practice contest

  • Establish a Private Table

  • Invite your friends to a private table game.

  • Play for actual money

  • Instant Play and Money Withdrawal

  • Refer and Earn

  • In-App Wallet

  • Play automatically

  • Intelligent Notifications

  • Coins and Wallet Management 

  • Voice Chat and Group Chat Functionality

  • Daily Bonus Coins


Admin Panel Features

We give our clients access to a panel where they can easily monitor and manage various aspects of their app. The Admin Panel can perform the following tasks:

  • Executive Dashboard

  • User Administration

  • Game Records

  • Payment Transaction

  • Payout Management

  • Notification Management

  • Role-Based Admin Panel

  • Manage Sub Admins

  • Reward Points

  • View Earnings

  • Revenue Management


How to Develop a Mobile Ludo Game App?

Develop Real Money Mobile Ludo Game

To make a mobile game app like Ludo, follow the helpful steps listed below.

  • Define your game's concept.

  • Examine your intended audience

  • Select the game's features.

  • Make a prototype for a game of Ludo.

  • Create a Ludo game.

  • Choose Backend Technology

  • Decide Monetization Model

  • Integrate Analytics

  • Launch your mobile game



Top 10 Ludo Game App

Here is the list of the top 10 ludo game apps available in the market which has almost 10M+ downloads and active users.

  1. Fantasy Khiladi

  2. Ludo King

  3. Ludo Fantasy

  4. Ludo Superstar

  5. MPL Ludo

  6. Paytm First Games

  7. Ludo Supreme

  8. LudoPe

  9. Ludo Master

  10. Ludo League


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